Benefit Plus - Spend Your Points on Travelling

Spend Your Points on Travelling

The best memories are formed while travelling and the best souvenirs are pictures from newly discovered places. Once you find yourself longing for distant places, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from or get inspired – whenever, wherever and on every occasion. Get ready for your next adventure!

Booking by Benefit Plus teamed up with to create an even larger offer of accommodation anywhere in the world. Learn, travel and discover as you are used to – and more.

The travel agency Benefit Plus specializes in selling tours organized by German and Austrian tour operators. Thanks to the significant buying power of these tour operators, our offer features a wide range of affordable options with an extensive selection of better airlines and hotels than those being offered by domestic tour agencies or operators. No matter if you prefer a quiet family vacation, tropical getaway or an adventurous expedition, we can help you to find your ideal destination.

Find an ideal cottage within a walking distance of the woods or a lake thanks to our cooperation with or with a wide selection of cottages, cabins and lodges throughout Bohemia and Moravia.